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Bottle Exchange

Filled water jug with arrows

Exchange your empty water jug for a full one quickly and easily without the need to fill it yourself. Ideal for busy customers looking for convenience.

Available during staffed hours.

Water jugs must be from WaterMart 24-7.


Cost: $4.00 per 5 gallon jug

Why Choose WaterMart 24-7?


We ensure the highest quality of pure water and ice.


Flexible pricing options to meet your needs and budget.


Open 24-7 for DIY filling with staffed options available for easy exchanges.


Encouraging bottle reuse through our exchange program to help reduce plastic waste.

Two Locations to Exchange Bottles

Best-in-class pure water and ice at great prices, and available to you
24 hours a day, 7 days a week at both our convenient locations

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