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Bottled Water Delivery Service

Sign up for a customized delivery schedule. Get your water delivered weekly or less frequently.

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Billing Information

Account Deposit
All new Bottled Water Delivery and Cooler Rental accounts will be charged a refundable deposit of $50 (not applicable for businesses)

Monthly Billing
When water is delivered the delivery driver will give you a delivery receipt noting number of bottles picked up and dropped off. At the end of the month a statement will sent to you noting Delivery Receipt Numbers and associated cost for that month.

Payment Options
You have multiple options in regard to payment. You may also choose to have your cooler rental set-up on an automatic payment from your credit card. We accept Pre-authorized credit card, E-transfer and Cheques.

Cooler Care and Operation

Do not run HOT/COLD Coolers empty, the heating element inside of the cooler will burn up within seconds after not having water. * Only use purified water in your cooler, account deposits will not be refunded if cooler is mineral fouled * We recommend spraying Cooler Faucets with standard store bought Hydrogen Peroxide at least 1 time per month * Annual preventative maintenance will be performed on your cooler.

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